Integrated Land Management


Our integrated land management plan (ILMP) outlines a comprehensive approach to environmental stewardship. By formalizing best management practices (BMPs) that we have used for years and incorporating new BMPs for our farms, our ILMP sets a high standard for environmental protection across our operations.

The key to the ILMP is that it allows us to reach our goal of protecting rivers, waterways and wildlife habitats running through the areas in which


we operate. This, in turn, ensures that future generations can enjoy the same natural beauty and plentiful fish, waterfowl, song birds, small mammals, longleaf pine, bald cypress and bottomland hardwood trees that we enjoy today.

Our ILMP expands the scope of environmental stewardship to include practices for upland woods, wetlands, buffer areas and other unique natural areas around our farms. Many of the practices in the ILMP have been common practice on Smithfield’s Hog Production Division farms, such as maintaining vegetated buffers around farms. Now that we have formalized these practices, along with newly-developed ones, our ILMP ensures that we will be doing all we can for the environment for years to come.