Environmental Stewardship


All of us at Smithfield’s Hog Production Division are committed to the conservation and preservation of our land, water and air natural resources. Our concentration on environmental stewardship doesn’t stop with complying with state and federal environmental regulations.

We have gone above and beyond regulatory compliance through our voluntary implementation of a comprehensive Environmental/Management System (EMS) throughout the company. Our EMS is an effective management tool that ensures an organized approach to identifying and successfully managing those parts of our operations that could impact the environment.

In 2001 Smithfield’s Hog Production Division became the first livestock operation in the world to apply for and receive the prestigious ISO 14001 certification of our EMS. ISO 14001 is an internationally recognized set of environmental standards developed by the International Organization for Standards, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The certification process is conducted by an accredited third-party auditor to verify that all of the elements of the ISO 14001 Standard are being met. In essence a “seal of approval” from the international community, this distinction shows that we are living up to our environmental goals on our Smithfield’s Hog Production Division operations. In 2004 the ISO 14001 standard was revised and is now referred to as ISO 14001:2004

In addition to achieving ISO 14001 certification, we have implemented other environmental initiatives to preserve our natural resources and lead the industry in applied environmental technologies. Click here to learn more about Smithfield’s Hog Production Division of Missouri’s Next Generation Technology, irrigation schedule and Environmental Management System. Smithfield’s Hog Production Division also hosts several ongoing research programs designed to protect wildlife habitats, wetlands and other ecologically sensitive areas on our farms.

One of the most aggressive ways we are promoting environmental stewardship is through our Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP). Since 2001, this plan has helped us enhance water quality, promote soil conservation, prevent soil erosion and improve wildlife habitats on and around our operations.