What Our Growers Are Saying

In addition to the hogs produced on farms that are owned and managed by Smithfield’s Hog Production Division, we have relationships with over 2,000 independent farmers who grow animals for us on a contractual basis. Our contract growers are an integral part of our business structure and they are as valuable to us as our employees. Here’s what a few of our contract growers had to say about their experience with Smithfield’s Hog Production Division.


“My family began with Smithfield’s Hog Production Division in the late ’90s and we are happy that we joined an organization that cares about the people involved. When there is a problem, it is dealt with in a timely manner. It takes quite a bit of coordination when lining up trucking or feed deliveries and these are usually very well organized.

As far as the company is concerned, when things are promised it is followed through on. In other words, what Smithfield’s Hog Production Division says, it does. Our financial expectations have been more than met and this encouraged us to expand our site after the initial project was established and in production.”

Gerry Croghan

Manilla, Iowa

“Being a manager of multiple sites, I appreciate the manner in which the production staff approaches their jobs. The people we deal with are very professional and have a high degree of knowledge. Whether we are devising a plan to deal with the pigs, feeds or medications, we know it will get done. We also purchased two sites four years ago and these have provided us a good avenue to build our personal equity. Because we manage quite a few sites, we hire people for various jobs such as vaccinating and power washing. The sites create good-paying jobs for many people in the community.”

Steve Flygstad

Ellsworth, Iowa

“We’ve been feeding with Smithfield’s Hog Production Division for 12 years and it has been an excellent experience. It is great to be able to reach the production department whenever we need help and Smithfield’s Hog Production Division always takes a teamwork approach.

As far as an addition to our farm operation, the production facilities have brought a stability that provides a great base to work from. We have also watched it provide jobs for young people who desire to be involved in the agricultural industry.”

Brian Hunter

Scranton, Iowa

"I like to talk and I know no strangers and sometimes when I dine out I’ll tell people, ‘If your food was as good as mine, thank a farmer.’ I know what it takes to get that meal on your plate and I’m proud to be a part of the process. Being a contract grower for Smithfield’s Hog Production Division has been a great adventure and it has meant a whole lot to me and my family.”

Alan Phillips

Warsaw, N.C.

“Our contract with Smithfield’s Hog Production Division has been really good for us because it insulates us from the variations in hog prices and provides us with a steady income regardless of market conditions. And we take this opportunity very personally, concentrating on making improvements to our technique, our facilities and our animals. We want the company to be very successful, because if they’re successful, we will be, too.”

C.D. Locklear

Laurinburg, N.C.

“The company has taken a lot of the stress off the contract producer. My contract gives me the freedom to do what I want to do—raise hogs. If you took Smithfield’s Hog Production Division out of this area, tumbleweeds would blow through it. That’s how much of an impact the company, and the industry itself, has on our economy.”

Kenny Barnhill

Burgaw, N.C.