Texas – Smithfield Premium Genetics

Smithfield Premium Genetics

Pampa, Texas

Location Summary
Smithfield Premium Genetics is charged with improving the genetic traits of our animals throughout all of our Smithfield’s Hog Production Division operations. Research facilities in North Carolina and Texas employ over 200 people. Our largest farm located in Pampa, Texas, contains many state-of-the-art features. The Pampa facilities employ a staff of approximately 50. All SPG facilities have a comprehensive bio-security program.

Available Positions
We have a wide variety of positions available in North Carolina and Texas, everything from production to genetics research. Please contact Angi Romaine with questions.

Community Summary
The SPG Texas farm is located in Gray County, in between Pampa and Miami. Pampa with a population of 18,000 offers a variety of restaurants and amenities as well as community clubs and organizations to engage in. Miami provides small town living with its small rural population and its rustic charm. Other amenities such as golf courses, museums, historical attractions, rodeos, and outdoor recreation facilities can be found in the area, Known best for our ‘Friendly People’ Real Texas Hospitality. With an excellent environment and an attractive, affordable lifestyle, Pampa and the surrounding area truly provides for a good life: community, education, industry, and progress.