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Smithfield’s Hog Production Division West Division – Laurinburg, North Carolina

Location Summary

Smithfield’s Hog Production Division West Region, headquartered in Laurinburg, consists of two very important areas. Our Multiplication group is responsible for providing replacement breeding stock to commercial sow farms across Eastern North Carolina. Our Commercial group produces market animals for our Tarheel Plant located in Tarheel, North Carolina. Combined our region is home to 100,000 sows, 300,000 nursery spaces and 680,000 finishing spaces. Our production occurs at company-owned, company-managed and contract-grower sites. We employ over 400 employees throughout Eastern North Carolina.

Available Positions

We have a variety of positions for which we are always seeking qualified, dedicated people. There are many job opportunities in production-related positions in all levels of farm management. We also employ people in feed milling, transportation, maintenance, and environmental position.
Please contact Angi Romaine with questions.

Community Summary

In the Tarheel State you will find plenty to do and friendly people to meet. Well-grounded by our heritage and well-known for our agricultural strengths, North Carolina makes an ideal home for you and your family, boasting hometown hospitality, scenic countryside and easy accessibility to many attractions.
Our location between Raleigh, Charlotte and Wilmington provides many educational opportunities, with numerous major universities within a 1 – 3 hour drive. From this area it is an easy commute to many tourist attractions,including coastline and mountain resorts. If you love the outdoor lifestyle, North Carolina has plenty to offer. Golf, fishing, hunting and numerous other activities are readily available near all of our Smithfield’s Hog Production Division locations.

325 McKay St.
Laurinburg, NC  28353
Angi Romaine
910-276-0648, ext. 202