What are we looking for?

You probably think of farming when you consider Smithfield’s Hog Production Division, and with good reason. Many people join our system to work directly with the animals and the opportunities to advance come frequently there. Sustainable pig production is the backbone of our business, but it takes a lot of support to keep the largest live system in the world functioning. You may find a home in any of the following areas, and could even cross from one to another.





The work of managing a multi-million-dollar investment and the employees that care for the animals inside it is the core job in our company. It requires profit and loss responsibility and full adherence to many regulations, both internal and external. Those that prove their potential in single locations get the chance to direct larger pieces of the system with multiple locations or genetic management. There are also opportunities to move into management positions that involve interaction with our contract growers, helping those private farms get the most out of their investment.



Milling and Procurement

The largest investment into our animals is feed, and making that feed in the best balance of cost and benefit to the animal is a critical part of our system. Milling requires management of multi-shift production with a constant flow of enormous amounts of raw ingredients, delivering tons of high quality feed to the animals in an efficient manner. Those raw ingredients have to be found, and those that work in procuring them at the best price have an important responsibility that often means the difference between profit and loss for the live production system. They scour the world and monitor the futures markets to find the best use of this huge operational investment from the company.



Accounting and Finance

The cash flow and size of our investment in live production is astounding, and we obviously have a lot of demand for responsible management of those dollars, analysis of our use of capital, and solid projection of future needs. The capital necessary to maintain current assets and purchase new ones comes from multiple sources, and interaction with regulatory agencies. This function is also the one that audits our processes and our reporting requirements, a critical responsibility for our business. There are multiple opportunities to move around in this functional area.




We move millions of animals and tons of feed each year, and the trucks that do this for us must be managed conscientiously to control our liability on public roads. Logistical planning for movements, timing weights of animals and needs at the processing plant so that the returns to Smithfield’s Hog Production Division are maximized, is an often overlooked but fundamental value of our integrated system. Getting enough feed to the animals without waste is also a part of this area, and verifying that it all happens in a way that is safe and fully compliant with all laws also provides opportunity within this area.



People are our most important asset, and the team that helps us form the structure within which they work is vital to our company’s success.  Someone hires our employees, someone provides them with training programs, and someone builds and manages the structure to keep them safe, all while ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.  Employees must be paid fairly and promptly and motivated by the manner in which they are paid.

Integrating this structure in an understandable way into the production system, seamlessly joining the processes that generate revenue for the business is an important and often misunderstood responsibility.