Feeding Our Animals

It’s important for us to pay close attention to the nutritional needs of our animals. Our staff of skilled nutritionists has developed advanced feed formulation techniques that ensure every mouthful of feed meets the animals’ nutrient requirements at the best possible cost. In addition to corn, wheat, soybean meal and other grains, these tools also allow us to utilize a wide array of non-traditional feed ingredients such as bakery by-products, distillers’ grains and wheat bran. We recover these valuable products, which might otherwise wind up in landfills.

Sow Farm

“With feed manufacturing capability in excess of 6.5 million tons per year and consumption of corn in excess of 150 million bushels, Smithfield’s Hog Production Division is one of the single largest consumers of U.S. feed grains in the world. We use computerized feed mills that manage product flow to ensure accurate product mix and prevent cross-contamination between inbound ingredient supplies and outbound feed products.” – Dr. Jeff Hansen, Nutritionist – Smithfield’s Hog Production Division Nutritionist

We maintain a sophisticated quality assurance program that monitors our ingredients and verifies good manufacturing practices are followed for all of our feeds. High standards are set and achieved for animal feeding. Smithfield’s Hog Production Division is one of the few companies in the U.S. currently certified to meet the strict standards set for exporting pork to the European Union. Our manufacturing and distribution teams utilize state-of-the-art logistics programs to ensure we maximize the efficiency of our production operations while minimizing our use of fossil fuels.


We are able to ensure that all of our animals: