Herd health is vitally important in hog production and our bio-security policy is intended to protect our pigs from disease. Healthy pigs grow faster, perform better, have higher livability, are easier to maintain and they produce the highest-quality and safest pork products.

At Smithfield’s Hog Production Division our bio-security program is divided into two parts: the animal production process at the individual farm, and movement of vehicles, animals, personnel and equipment between farms.

Before any visitors are allowed to enter our sow farms, they must complete a bio-security questionnaire to determine whether they have been on other farms recently and whether they have been in contact with any hogs outside our system during the previous 72 hours. International visitors are required to complete a more thorough questionnaire and their waiting period before entering our sow farms is much longer. We have carefully developed procedures to prevent contaminants from being brought onto our individual sow farms by requiring all employees and visitors go through a “shower-in” process before entering. This process utilizes private shower rooms where those entering the farm take a head-to-toe shower and change into clean clothing before proceeding into the sow farm. Upon leaving the sow farm, all personnel and visitors “shower out” in a reversal of the entry procedure.

Equipment and supplies delivered to the farm must be disinfected prior to being allowed inside the farm complex. Additional bio-security measures are taken on our genetic multiplication farms and at locations where semen collection for the artificial insemination process occurs.