Accident Response Plan

ANIMAL CARE-Accident Response Plan

We have livestock traveling America’s highways in transport vehicles every day. We only hire highly qualified drivers, but there still exists the possibility of our vehicles being involved in traffic accidents.

For the sake of animal safety and well-being, we have developed an industry-leading accident response program. Any time there is a vehicle accident involving our animals, trained Smithfield’s Hog Production Division employees put that plan into action, emphasizing the safety of the animals, our employees, the traveling public, and emergency personnel.

We retained the services of Jennifer Woods, an internationally recognized livestock handling expert, to help us develop and implement our accident response plan. This expert later stated, “No other company in the world is as prepared to respond to motor vehicle accidents involving livestock as [Smithfield’s Hog Production Division is].” She went on to call our program “the standard for the industry in live-haul emergency response.”